Kirby & the Amazing Mirror Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. Super Smash Brothers Reference

    During the game, you will encounter Master Hand, who is the boss on Super Smash Brothers and one of the bosses on Super Smash Brothers Melee. After you kill him, he gives you Smash power, which gives you several abilities mixed up. However, these abilities are in the same control sequences and combinations as Kirby's controls for Super Smah Bros.

  2. Unlockables

    Boss Rush Mode is on the menu
    Metaknight's Sword will appear in front of the Magic Mirror once you've unlocked it
    The Power Center door is in the main 'hub' of Rainbow Route (Area 1) in the top left corner and contains all of the Powers in the game
    The Sound Test/Kirby Colors can be accessed through the Treasure List

    Code Effect
    Get 100% on a file Boss Rush Mode
    Defeat the final bosses Use Metaknight's Sword
    Find and hit all of the Portal Switches in the different areas Open the Power Center
    Find the CD Treasure (Find Musical Scores to unlock new tunes in it) Sound Test
    Find cans of Spray Paint spread throughout the game Different Kirby Colors

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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