The best pink ball of fluff to hit the N64. Great game play and cheery scenes combine to be amazing.

User Rating: 9 | Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards N64
I've always appreciated Kirby, from the original GameBoy game to newer entries. While the handheld version is really fun, this N64 version ramps up Kirby's cheerful disposition and generally fun nature.

Strangely, the simple storyline is one of the best parts of the game. Black shards from an evil planet rain on a parade- literally. Well, more of a festival. As Kirby's friends start turning evil, he/she must travel through several planets of varied nature to rescue everyone, collecting crystal shards along the way. This is the backdrop of a simply fantastic game.

From the beginning, the maps will grow on you, plain and simple. Dozens of different stages, from cheery green acres to deserts to old factories will keep your attention for hours as you travel through them and explore their depths through and through.

Analysis: fantastic. In each of the maps, Kirby uses the trademark "eating up everything" move to acquire combos. Get a bomb? Be a bomb. Get two bombs? Be a bigger bomb. Get an earth and leaf? Turn into stone creatures (Probably my favorite!). There are about 6 different elements to acquire throughout, including electricity. That means well over 100 combinations of incredibly fun abilities to help you get along through the fantastical maps. Playing through the campaign is an incredibly fun experience by itself, but throw in different combos for everything and it turns into an even better experience.

Can't say enough about this game's multiplayer. The multiplayer is very reminiscent of mini-games, from fruit catching to knocking friends off of a stage. In the fruit catching, the wind carries with it all sorts of goodies to catch in a basket. The more the merrier! Simply fun to play. Another memorable game is the breakable stage. You and your friends are set on a large set of blocks, and your goal is to hack through the blocks to make them fall off. Very competitive with 4 people!

*Final Analysis*
If you find this game, buy it. It will entertain someone of all ages, no matter how childish they think it is. You won't be disappointed!