absolutely horrible!

User Rating: 1 | Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards N64
except for all the new abilities this game is a total waste of my time and precious wii points. I am sorry for those people who love kirby but this game has really disapointed me especially because the bosses look so unrealistic. The enemies look quite fine but that is about the only comment I have to say about this game. The sidescrolling action is quite poor because in the swimming scene when i was swimming to the right out of one of the holes it looked as if i was about to swim off the edge but i some how stayed onto the course!!! And the final bos is so hard that it almost makes the game impossible and along with that what in the world is the boss supposed to be!?!? ALSO why is king de de de on kirby's side, I mean really why?!?! And where in the world is meta night!?! I say this game should be free, no wii points should be spent because it is wasteful especially at 1000 points!!!!! whitch is about $10 and i know i could probably find this game in a store somewhere in the world and buy it for less than ten dollars!! by the way noah wrote this =P

sorry for anyone I displeased talk to me at noahrookman@hotmail.com