Really fun for anyone!

User Rating: 9.5 | Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards N64
This game really is great. There's not much i have to say about it but this is one of the greatest adventure games ( not just for the ng4 but overall) i have ever set my hands on. It's great. I especially love the ability to mix powers which made an okay game totally awesome but i hated the fire X rock mix ( super explosive ) it always pwnd everything around me.... and me. pissed me off a lot. :D overall if considering get it GET IT GET IT GET IT ! you will not regret it and you'll be playing it for a while. Also it has some AWESOME amazing boss fights. some are hard but most are just awesome although i must say the end fight end weird. like the person at the end he just *SPOILER ALERTS* exshplodes all like. BOOOOOM i also have too add more characters to this so that it can pass the minimal so sorry if i seem to babbling actually right now im babaling so you may want to stop reading . seriously stop read or else you may suffer a fate worse than death. BOREDOM !!!!!