The tune to this game will be in my head 'til the day I die.

User Rating: 9 | King's Bounty: The Conqueror's Quest GEN
Even now the music is flowing through my head. It doesn't matter how long it's been, I will never forgot it. The interesting part is, I never once wished I could turn it off.

It is very short and very looping, and somehow very relaxing... unless of course, your time is running out.

A very fun little game. Open up all the pieces of the map, so you can see where the treasure is buried. Simple right? Well, yeah, it is. If you get lucky you won't need all the pieces, just need enough of the picture to figure out where to search. The location of the treasure is uncovered as you kill the other bosses, find the magic items and... hmm, you I can't remember if there is another 'and'. doh.

Building armies in this game was is a blast. You can keep it simple... hire on the soldiers from the castle... or make it difficult and interesting... only forest creatures together, or only plains creatures. Mix and match... different combinations of armies fight better together than others. Some units raise moral when together, while others moral drops when allied with the wrong units. Poor pixies with fighting along side dragons are usually not happy campers.

You get spells to compliment your armies, stop time, or telelport.

Reveal the map only as you explore it, so you can easily tell where you have been before.

A very solid game back in the day, that deserved a lot more love then it probably got.

I still play it with an emulator from time to time. Writing this has me tempted to pull my Genesis out of its box and hook it up to a TV to give this game its much deserved love in its intended way.

If you can play it, enjoy. =)