A great revival of an old-school classic

User Rating: 9.5 | King's Bounty: The Legend PC
Ok, here's the bottom line: I downloaded the Demo thinking it would be a momentary diversion and 4 hours later I'm compulsively exploring every nook and cranny; I couldn't put the thing down. Next thing you know, I'm downloading the full version direct from ATARI, despite it not being slated for release in the UK for at least another month!

If you experienced the slightest enjoyment from playing the HoMM series then this presses all the right buttons and plenty of others besides. The guys at Katauri deserve huge credit for preserving and actually enhancing a piece of classic gameplay. This is clearly a labour of love from a team who totally know what they're doing. Well done guys, I'm a fan!

What do I like most? I guess it must be the fact that they've created an utterly fascinating landscape packed with layers of content and unexpected discoveries. Not that any of this is particularly original although, oddly enough, that is a key part of its charm.

I'd give it '10' but then I'd obviously be getting no sleep at all!!