This Gold is Burning a Hole in My Pocket

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Good Morning,


I'm currently at Level 36.  I  have 2.5 million gold.  Is there anything useful I can do with this money?  I've used every trainer I could, am well-stocked with potions, and have armor better than any of the shops sell.


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Don't feel bad. I have over 5 mil..... What I did is go to all the shops, buy any equipment I wanted and then "salvaged" it for high end components to build killer items.. Even if your character doesn't use them.. It's kinda fun and something to do with all the $$$$. One drag... the shops don't seem to respawn goodies...
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The best way to get the best weaps is not by buyng werapons,is by saving the game.If you buy an prismere faeblades lets say you can get the template for the weapon by dismantle it in the forge.If you dont get it you can save before you dismantle it then load the save game and try and try again till you get what you want,you wont get the same thing always.Works with every part of your equipment.