Homes, storage...huh?

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So, i came in late to KoA...bummer 'couse it's awesome.


How do i get a storage chest/ home/ anyplace i can unload some of my "stuff" without selling it.

still only about level 8, if that matters.

any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Your first house will be in Webwood area when you finish the area of missions,side quests and kill the boss.After that you can upgrade you house in the town with stuff like :an sage altar,an alchemy bench,a mirror where you change your face but not fully (hair,make up etc) and weapon shelf and an storage chest with only 180 space.The town it is called Canneroc i think and you need to play a while to get there not much 1-3 hours depending you path and how you explore your will get other house and an mine later on.

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Thank you