They rushed out pushing their new "big enhancement", the result is a broken, unfinished game that's still in beta stage.

I like the graphics and I LOVE the sounds. For the graphics they do deserve credits as they made it all, from 0. But for the sounds they're taking the music of the movies so of course it's great.

So I rated them rather well : 7 and 10 respectively, but for the rest of the game is now crap. What made SWG a good game or at least one different than the others was the non combat professions : entertainers, crafters, etc... Now even those are crappy or useless.

The combat system is now a strange bastard son of a dumbed down RPG and 10 years old FPS topped with lots of flashy effects and clunky movements that makes the whole very sore to the eyes (I got a headache after 2 days of playing the new version).

FYI, I started playing in SWG on September 2003. Cancelled one month after CU, retried for the NGE and canceled again.