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From the footage of up on Gamespot it seems although the game is not dead, and will still have the classic KUF Heroes/Crusaders game play... Well this makes life alot better... Now just need it realeased :D


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It looks more promising than the other stuff we've seen, but still hate the ***ing hud which they changed into one looking like any other generic MMO HUD from the more KUF-like HUD that they showed in the first videos, hate the introduction of generic MMO cooldowns on abilities (you can see the cooldowns on this video), hate the replacement of SP by mana, the intruduction of health and mana potions, and hate like 90% of the rest of the footage released. It's like they said "right, this an MMO, so that means it's mandatory to introduce all these generic and dated MMO things, otherwise it won't be an MMO, right?" And that includes all those stupid solo missions with no army that we've seen before. They're not even doing the MMO thing right though, because they're going with Korean style character customization, which means little to no character customization at all and everyone looks the same. :evil:

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Although its not the greatest thing, its still better than what I had seen before... At the moment I can still see the classic KUF gameplay, even though the HUD has completely changed. However, the game is still in development, so dont think this is what your gonna get, the game itself, the game play and that will stay the same, hopefully they will get the drift that you dont need the MMO template HUD to make it an MMO and go back to the generic KUF hud. But dont lose hope... Its gained something back compared to before where all we saw was MMO missions with people you would think were enemies working together... With no such story line, which also looked confusing as. 

Still want to play this game, always have, always will. 

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what does it make this, a six year development cycle?