New trailer

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No info of day out

No info about campaing.

No info of xbox versions.


The onliy good thing is the game still working.

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its completely destroyed now

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Honestly, if I had to guess what game that was without knowing it was KUF II, I would say it looks like the next entry in the Dynasty Warriors series, with improved graphics. That looks nothing like Kingdom Under Fire, at all. All I see is mindless Dynasty Warriors gameplay with a generic MMO paint. Sigh...

Also, a small, very ignorant article to accompany the video:

It's pretty clear whoever wrote the above article knows nothing about KUF.

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It may yet prevail. Been saying this for 2 years but we have waited this long, and we will wait even longer. That dynasty warrior vibe may just be for certain parts of the game. I think the clash of epic armies is still at its core

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That's what I've been hoping all this time...but since thety begun showing videos of players actually playing the real game (and not dev created scenarios not part of the actual game), all I've seen is dynasty warriors gameplay, I haven't seen any KUF gameplay at all. The footage they showed before was from players below level 20, so I was giving it the benefit of the doubt...but these are level 30, and they're still just using their troops as secondary to their heroes who do all the actual major damage.

Here's hoping that if the story missions and quests play like dynasty warriors, at least the PvP requires more KUF tactics to win.

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it seems to be alive but im still not convinced this games coming to the 360

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this goes out to anyone interested, im going to be playing Kingdom under fire Heroes online using this program

starting like December like 13 ill be playing like every sunday, im prob going to start playing with some of my buddies from home at first, but email at if your interested in joining

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its official canceled for the 360


gametrailers has even taken off the 360 section of the game off there website

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Meh...I don't care anymore. It turned into some Dynasty Warriors clone crap. *shrugs*

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This reallysucks,theKUF: Crusadersismy favorite gameof the firstXbox,looking forward toa true sequelfor over 6years andcome out witha cancellation.Thisis agreatoffenseto thefansthatsaw the birth oftheoriginalseriesconsole.

I remember wellthe first detailsof the game,mentionedchangetotheMMOcrapor something,andthey knew thatMicrosoftdoes not acceptsuchgames, sothey mentionedthatthe Xbox versiononlyfocus onthe campaign, sotome thatwas great,a continuationofthe history ofRegnierandKendal.

This endshere, athank you tothefansof this forumwhodidtheir best to keepthe interestof the gameand try tomake it known tomore people, I really hopethatBluesideknowswell thatearns thescornof his formerfans. :evil::evil::evil: