New Sh!t: Interview and Trailer

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So apparently AngryJoe is going full hardcore in this game with his AngryArmy guild, I might just get into this again just because of that. Anyway, AngryJoe interview and E3 2014 trailer below. I have some commentary on them, but I'll post that tomorrow, no time right now, late for something.



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So I still hate the new Dynasty Warriors combat where you're hack-n-slashing 1v10 all the time, it's fucking ridiculous. Still hate that you're a "mercenary" and can hire any type of unit of any race, and join any faction, so that the people and units of all three factions will be exactly the same, all three factions mixed together and it'll kill immersion for the sake of the MMO and the laziness of not creating classes that can be different races instead of these shoehorned gender and race-locked classes which drive the lack of immersion.....but whatever, old complaints.

So I got several things from the interview. He said "if you're a good player you won't need to pay real money to advance," and by "good player" they always mean super hardcore really good player (it's the same terminology CCP uses to say that if you're a "good player" you can play EVE for free), meaning the rest of us normal players WILL have to pay for items if we want to advance in the game, it's not even optional. Ughh, I would like it much better if instead of F2P, this was a Buy-to-Play game like Guild Wars 2 (you pay full price for the initial game, but there is no subscription fee), which allows the developer to implement much fairer, non-pay-to-win microtransactions. We've heard in the past there ARE items in the store to improve your character's abilities, so that contributes to my conclusion here that they won't have fair, non-pay-to-win microtansanctions.

He said that because you need to get your character to a certain level to do the story missions, it can take 300 hours. This basically means that like in every Asian MMO, they'll be heavy, boring and tedious grinding forced on you to advance. I'll likely never get to max level if it really takes 300 hours of grinding with some story in it to do it.

Then finally some good news, by the time it releases here early next year, we'll have two more classes. One of them will be a paladin-like class similar to Kendal. Why do I think this? Because they revealed that in the PS4 you can play exclusively as Kendal, but I don't think they would make a whole class only for the PS4, seems like a waste of work and dev time to do that, it'll likely be a skin of Kendal over the paladin class. I'm hoping the 5th class is a Leinhart-like vampire class, in some of the footage you can see a vampire dude commanding some troops. *Crosses-fingers* Also, there'll be a beta (I think that's what they meant by focus groups anyway) on September or October of this year, that's great.

Overall, really disappointed with this game, but I might get into it anyway just to play with AngryJoe's army.

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I watched that interview a while back and honestly, there are bits of it that makes me think they may have been an issue of understanding or maybe even outright lying by the dev team. AJ asked about the number of monsters (he's refering to the big ass guys like the swamp mammoths i'm sure) and the guy said 300. I call bullshit. I'm sure they're confusing the monsters with the total number of units that you can command. Then there is the whole build your own nation thing. It's a cool idea and i hope it's true, but it comes off as odd because it came out of left field. It makes me wonder if it's really true or if there was a translation issue>_>.

If what they're saying about the amount of time it'll take to finish the single player story is true then i can only hope they managed to keep the gameplay interesting. Namely, as long as i can keep the Circle of doom gameplay to a minimum, i could probably roll that 300 hours easy. especially if i can find a good guild with active, talkative, and helpful players (so hard to find them tho).

I was thinking there would be a paladin class as well. It's pretty much a given for pretty much the same thing mingolo said and it seems they'll throw in classes based on the main characters in the KUF story. So I'll be expecting either and ogre and/or a half vampire class as well (oh leinhart, why did they screw your character up so much?:( ).

Gotta love AJ, In nearly every interview he does you can expect him to ask a question that makes the dev stumble, in this the release date. Obviously there was a bit of a commotion at the end lol. I was surpised that blueside was even at E3. I saw the trailer and assumed that they just sent it to sony and were not actually there because i couldn't find a single interview with them until i looked at AJ's channel.

Glad you posted the link. lord knows i tried, but due to me using a computer that my sister must have stolen from a freaking museum (my poor laptop LCD died:( )I couldn't post anything:/.