Game heroes.

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Greetings comrades.

Finally it seems that after 6 years of development the game will go on light, so avoiding discussions that will leave the game console, I propose to discuss what types of heroes have the game.

In the first analysis of the game was mentioned that would have 18 heroes to choose from, which gives 6 heroes per faction, which exceeds the amount of heroes to choose from past editions.

In these long six years have shown only three heroes:

Spellsword-dark legion.

So in this picture:

It can be seen at 3 heroes with their respective officers and also other heores with his officers. in the first case is the blonde girl, then the guy dressed in black (I have not the slightest idea that faction belongs, but the trailers seem to Vellond). Kendal finally appears and other faces that some heroes are normal troops and others.

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The other materials which have been shown to have mentioned encabrossa 2 new heroes, Celes (emo guy) and Alepht (perhaps the mutant displayed in the image list), to others not mentioned anything Lehinhart.

From the dark legion Alphonse have vampire knight and maybe an orc shaman on a poster, it may be a hero or maybe a npc.

So in theory the heroes list may look like this:

Human Alliance: gunslinger, paladin and the blonde girl.
Dark Legion: Spellwords, perhaps the type of black (maybe a nobleman of Vellond) Vampire Knight and the idea of the orc shaman, (after 4 games serious and just an orc hero).
Encabrossian: Regnier, Celes and Alepth. Maybe Leihart apper.

So in the end we have 3 heroes for the human alliance, maybe 4 in the dark legion and 4 with encabrossians. So be wanting 9 more, or maybe debase the list of heroes.

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If I remember correctly, the last time they talked about the amount of "heroes" in the game was in an article quite a while ago (years after the article saying there would be 18 heroes), that said there would be 3 classes (aka heroes) when the game released, and they would add more over time. Speculatively, they'll keep adding heroes after the game releases until they reach all 18. On launch the game will only have the ones they already showed though.