Fun and different

User Rating: 7 | Kingdom Under Fire: A War of Heroes PC
This game was a suprise for me had seen a lot o reviews that said it was a really bad game so ididnt expect much when i started playing it! Ok its not like its the best game in the world but it got some stuff that are good and some that are not so good but the whole is right above the average games. The gameplay that got the lowest score on my review is not bad but its not really good either. In the rts mments its ok .But its in the rpg moents that it can get anoying with all the clicking and so on. Graphics i think is very good the cut scenes are beautiful and the rest is also good. The sound is good the voices are very good but the rest of the sound can get little anoying but the in the whole the sound is good. You can play as either the good guys ore the bad guys and that is funny and makes the game fun to play again after you finished it with one side you can play it again as the other side so the value is very good you can also choose from to levels easy or normal. So what do i really think of the game. Its not a revolution but its not so bad that the pro reviewrs says. I think its a good game and it would have been even greater withj alittle better gameplay. but i recomend you to play it sometimes i could stop playing it. So play it