Kingdom Rush Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Code Effect
    Kill one enemy. First Blood
    Kill 500 enemies. Bloodlust
    Open 5 information cards. What's that?
    Build 30 towers. Constructor
    Call 10 waves early. Daring
    Train a hero up to level 5. Champion of Linirea
    Use Rain of Fire 5 times in a single stage. Armageddon
    Call all waves early in a single mission. Fearless
    Call a wave within 3 seconds of the icon showing up. Impatient
    Kill 2.500 enemies Slayer
    Train a hero up to max level. Legend of Linirea.
    Earn 15 stars. Starry
    Build 100 towers. Engineer
    Kill 100 enemies with meteor showers. Death from above
    Defeat The Juggernaut Nuts and Bolts
    Build 150 towers. The Architect
    Upgrade all basic tower types to level3. Home Improvement
    Have at least 3 Imperial Guards survive in the Citadel. Imperial Saviour
    Defeat J.T. Is he dead yeti?
    Send 1.000 soldiers to their deaths. Cannon Fodder
    Have your soldiers regenerate a total of 50.000 life. Die Hard
    Earn 30 stars. Super Mario
    Kill 50 enemies by poison damage. Toxicity
    Train 1.00 soldiers. G.I. Joe
    Catch a fish. Twin Rivers Angler
    Have a single barbarian kill 10 enemies. Are you not entertained?
    Kill 10.000 enemies. Terminator
    Kill 10 or more sheep with your hands. Ovinophobia
    Free the sasquatch on the Icewind Pass. Like a Henderson
    Build all 8 towers specializations. Specialist
    Sell 5 towers in a single mission. Indecisive
    Kill 300 enemies with electricity. AC/DC
    Have your Paladins heal a total of 7.000 life. Medic!
    Recruit max elves at The Silveroak Outpost. Forest Diplomacy
    Disintegrate 50 or more enemies. Dust to Dust!
    Complete the campaign. Great Defender
    Defeat Vez'nan. This is the end
    Change soldiers' rally point 200 times. Tactician
    Sell 30 towers. Real Estate
    Throw 500 or more axes. Axe rain!
    Have your Paladins perform 100 Holy Strikes. Holy Chorus
    Hold 500 or more enemies with Wrath of the Forest. Entangled
    Build 4 Tesla towers in any stage. Energy Network
    Summon 5 rock elementals in any one stage. Elementalist
    Drop 1.000 or more bomblets with the cluster bomb. Clustered
    Teleport 250 or more enemies. Beam me up, Scotty
    Defeat Gul'Thak and its minions. Orcs must die
    Earn 45 stars. Superstar
    Polymorph 50 enemies into sheep. Shepherd
    Shoot 100 missiles. Rocketeer
    Find the elusive acorn. Scrat's Meal
    Snipe 50 enemies. 50 shots, 50 kills
    Help Fredo escape. Free Fredo
    Defeat Sarelgaz and its minions. Arachnophobia
    Defeat Ulguk-Hai the Troll Warlord. Don't feed the troll
    Defeat Greenmuck and its minions. Lumberjack
    Defeat 10 Troll Pathfinders while they're treading on ice. Coolrunning
    Do not let The Kingpin escape. I'am the law
    Find the 5 legendary lost ice-shrooms. Plants vs Trolls
    Complete all iron stages. Iron Defender
    Complete all heroic stages. Heroic Defender

    Contributed by: Guard Master