Tony hawk is really cool game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tony hawk...... THIS IS WORTH BUYING YEA it is really cool graphics are really good and the gameplay to the sound is very cool and very cool record your own (short) clips and hear it when you fall,do a special trick,and if you bail (crash fall etc) am session is really cool i completed it really fast world tour is really cool. Make your skater torsos pants boards...etc if you completed the game the game is not boring!!! go to
ds.downhill-jam.com and upload and download your pants logo''s scores etc. go on tournaments and voice chat before i had the game i was asking can i do voice chat while playing wi-fi the answer is yes you first have to add friends with ther friend codes and then voice chat will be enabled well there are more thhings that you have to find out! this is all i have to say. Check this game out!!!