This is hands down the best RPG to ever be released.

Ok guys, where to start?

Lets see

The difficulty is challanging, it takes time to learn what your doing and what you need to do, but with so much choice it doesnt really matter what way you go, maybe you finish the torutial and than you wonder the world aimlessly just for the beauty. the difficulty is Just right

The gameplay of this game is straight forward, its like taking a fps shooter and handing you a sword, sheild and 1000miles of land to cover. the controls arnt to difficult they come easy, and are pretty much all reachable with one hand on the mouse, and one on the keyboard, some cool things i love is the jump attack, while your running towards the enemie and you attack with a 1 handed blade wep, you will do a slight jump attack and cause more damage, or you could just go into sneak and sneak up behind someon and cause 6x regular damage and drop him.

Omfg, these graphics look beatuiful, i am running it on a Athelon 2200+,
768mb ram, nvidia 6800xt 128mb. and it runs great on medium 2x aa looks beautiful, and i wish i could see it at its best, but sadly i cant but i know it would ROCK. trees moving, moutains miles away, smooth textures perfect lighting and shadows are realistic, mouths move to what the npcs say, and guys this is just unbelivible, you need to experiance this game on a stable PC you will love it i know. I have not been able to see the game at its best so i will give it a nine!

Masterpiece musical soundtrack the music is so beautiful and perfect. also ----------EVERY character talks with a voice!!!!!---------- no more reading everything like most rpgs!!! just sit and listen! its so perfect this game is practialy flawless

i would pay up to 80 dollars for this game, its well worth the 5x you WILL spend on tommrow, when you buy this game, because it is the best ever.

Time Spent Playing, to Date-
I have spend like 12 hours on the game, and im toatly drawn into the plot, and also making money in the assasians guild "dark brotherhood"
i love killing for no reason whaha. ya its true you can be a contract killer in this game!!!

Learning Curve-
To get a hold of all the controls and the spell and alchymy stuff it probly taks 3 hours, but for the basics it takes like an hour

This game is a must have!
i am toatly honest about this it is a must have,
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