Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded is a fair installation in the series but it tries to be something it isn't.

User Rating: 7 | Kingdom Hearts Re:coded DS

Game: Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded
Genre: RPG
Developer: Squareenix/Disney
System: Nintendo DS (NDS)
Total Score: 73/100
Value Score: 7.3/10

• Story: 8/10
• Characters: 8/10
• GamePlay: 6/10
• Graphics: 6/10
• Sound: 7/10
• Music: 10/10
• Length: 6/10
• Replay Value: 5/10
• Player Value: 7/10


+Music quality is great

+A lot of the memorable cast of Disney characters return

+Fast paced battles when you actually get them

+Different types of gameplay modes for those who like variety

+A great way to re-tell and rehash the first Kingdom Hearts game's storyline

+Leveling up system is well done like in 358/2 Days.

+Theatre Mode allows you to watch cutscenes again (must finish game once)

+Revisit and redo worlds as if you never played them


-Storyline does not bring anything new to the actual universe of Kingdom Hearts

-Gameplay tries too much to be full of different styles of gameplay which can become tedious or just annoying.

-Controls are annoying at times due to the lack of buttons on the NDS especially the camera controls

-Due to the lack of buttons, switching through menus is a one way trip so you have to re-cycle through your list of commands before getting back to the one you want to.

-Sound quality at a few times seem like its worse than KH 358/2 days which had decent sound effects.

-Cutscenes are mostly now cardboard cutouts with a few stances which is a poor decision on the re-design of the game.

-The shortest Kingdom Hearts game in the entire series.