Feels Like Your Destroying The Touch Screen.

Mario and Sonic at the olymic games, it's a fun game. This game has a whole bunch of things to do. From bow and arrows to running tracks this game could have you entertained for a while if your into mini games and repetative game play. There isn't really much of a story mode, I think thats why gamespot rated it bad. The graphics are really good. They have lots of details from every asect plus you get all the details in the stadiums. Another thing thats cool is just the use of the touch screen which you use alot. The bad things are the touch screen. You use it soo much and you have to push so hard at times you feel depressed once your done because you feel that is like breaking it, that's a huge let down for me on this game. Other than that, this game is really fun and I would reccamend it to any Mario and Sonic lovers. Thanks for reading. 7.0/10