Omg..wow..this game is awesome

This game is the sequel to Kingdom Hearts and Chain Of Memories. An evil group called Orginization XIII is planning on opening Kingdom Hearts. Sora and friends must stop them. This game has new features, new items, new worlds, new characters, new almost everything!! The worlds are awesome. There are quite a few and they keep you playing for a while. There are new characters to summon also. Such as Stictch from Lilo and Stich and there is Chicken Little also. The graphics for this game is amazing. Its just like wtching a disney movie. The sound is a big wow also. The battle routines are awesome. There is a drive command where you achieve 4 different forms to change into for a limited time throughout the game. And there are so many combos for your fighting that I cant even begin to count them.
And Ireally suggest that you buy this game. Its a very unique game.