disney+final fantasy+sequal=orgasm

User Rating: 10 | Kingdom Hearts II PS2
this game is just great! if you liked the first kingdom hearts youll be able to get into this one real fast. Even if you didnt play the first one it's a good rpg for those rpg fans out there. the battle commands have been revamped with shortcuts to items as well as magic. with reaction commands added to battle to deal more damage or dodge attacks. Drive forms allow you to duel wield and do massive ground and arial combos dealing a great ammount of damage to the enemy. different drive forms are given to you one for ypu and goofy on for you and donald and so on. also when using variable party members suck as beast,auran,ping/mulan you can use special attacks to deal massive damage to multiple enemies. the gummi ship flight has also been revamped with a more 3d prospective. you have to shoot in numerous directions and somewhat of mini bosses have been added. you obtain special "treasure" gummi blocks by killing either the mini bosses or the red colored enemies scatterd through each course. you also get special blocks for collecting all the "treasure" blocks and for finishing the course. when the course is finished you are allowed to do course two a slightly harder course where you have to kill a certain amount of ships. this game is great and allows you to visit many worlds team up with many new people have new spells and new summons.