With all the glamour and nostalgia of the first one, should keep fans happy.

User Rating: 8.9 | Kingdom Hearts II PS2
If you are looking for an in-depth RPG with deep characters and a complex battle system stay away from this one. Any seven year old who has heard the name mario should be able to beat this game without much problem. The point of the game isn't really in the game play, but the story. The game has an over-arching plot about the battle between light and darkness and an evil organization trying to wreak havoc upon all the worlds so they can get hearts. Instead of the traditional going to different towns going in a dungeon or two style that most rpgs follow, each locale is based upon the story of a classic disney movie.
This by all means shouldn't work but it's the highlight of the game. Each disney themed world will be visited twice throughout the game there are a few new one's along with some of the old hat from the first game. The nice thing about it is the worlds that we have already visited have semi-orignal story lines. Meaning you might be going on an adventure with Aladin and co. That you never saw in theaters (or on disney DVDS which have been forever sealed in the vault of evil). This works well, and if you aren't familiar with the disney movies you won't notice what is from the movie and what isn't.
The gameplay isn't flawed but you won't find much. Basically you can equip sora (the main character), donald duck, and goofy with whatever weapons or accesories As in any normal RPG. You attack, use magic, summon disney characters, partner up with characters for limit breaks, and use the new drive mechanic which allows you to fuse with another character to temporarily give you new abilities like dual weilding and gliding. Overall you will mostly just be attacking. The drives and magic can help you out but all the enemies are so easy, even on proud mode, that you really don't need to. Even Sepheroth, who was an incredibaly hard boss in the first game has been toned down. Also the reaction commands should be mentioned. Basically at certain points in a fight you can press triangle to initiate a cutscene where you attack a particular enemy in a special way. It's alot like God of War without the timed button presses.
As for the over-arching story, it's good but it could have been fleshed out more. Basically Sora is trying to find his freinds again. Donald and goofy are trying to find Mickey mouse. There is a deeper story involving an evil organization and some guys named ansem. This will be pretty hard to follow unless you collect special Ansem Reports which fill you in on some of the back story. The plot is loosely laced together and some of it just doesent make any sense. But for the most part all we care about is Sora's quest to find his girl and best freind. On this part the game delivers with alot of cutscense some excellent voice acting, memorable characters, and 40+ hours of gameplay.