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User Rating: 9.8 | Kingdom Hearts II PS2
This game is AMAZING. Even better than the first. The opening sequence where you play as a new character, Roxas, is quite possibly the most amazing two and a half hours on the PS2 storywise. This section grabbed me, and I was very sad when it was over, it was the perfect opening to a wonderful game. The fighting system, though already good, was improved upon immensely. You can string together massive combos, hitting your opponent into the air and continuing the assault even further. Ther is also a Lion King level, and Lion King is my favorite movie, so Reviewer's Tilt 10! The graphics are very very good, though we've seen better on the PS2. Wonderful soundtrack, with two more great songs from good old Utada Hikaru. It is most definitely worth every penny. Its only downfall is that, in some parts, it is very, very difficult. Rock on Kingdom Hearts. You'll log over a hundred hours without even noticing, or really caring.