I've Never Played a Kingdom Hearts Game, UNTIL NOW

User Rating: 10 | Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX PS3

Where can I start with these two amazing games and high definition cut scenes? I'll start with Kingdom Hearts and go from there. To believe that this game was released about twelve years ago, and I only heard of it through my one friend back when I was about seven or eight years old. He even brought the game over and I got a slight chance to play it because I didn't own a PS2. I remember the camera was weird, but all the other controls were great!

The story is very influential and most of all symbolic, and by today's standards, that is saying a lot. KH1 is good at explaining itself through so many brief cutscenes. The PS3 brought the best out of this collection especially with the high definition. I mean this game looks absolutely beautiful, from Traverse Town to Hollow Bastion. I'm on the verge of beating the final boss so I don't want to ruin it for anybody. Buying this game brand new also helped me understand the games more because it included about ten pages of concept art and sketches.

Now for KH: Chain of Memories, I started the beginning out of pure curiousity and after doing some research, this one was a Game Boy Advance game! Square Enix fit a whole KH game into a cartridge! It has a great story that is told right after you beat KH1 because many substantial things happened to the main guy, Sora. Also the gameplay is very different because you have to assemble card combos, meaning each card is an attack or map piece or magic. Very different and very unique.

As for the cutscenes, 258/2 Days looks amazing. I think I'm going to pick it up once I find one available to me. It may be a step back but I feel it would be worth it just because its Kingdom Hearts! If you like Disney, Square Enix, and action RPGs these are the games for you, also I cannot wait for KH 2.5 Remix!!