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User Rating: 9 | Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX PS3
Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom hearts is the first released game in the "Kingdom Hearts" Series, this games story begins with a boy names Sora whome is living on a small island with his two friends, Riku and Karia. The three friends quickly become an enjoyable story starter as they begin to plan a way to leave their home behind and explore the other words (Composed of Disney and Final Fantasy) But Just like any other story, something eventually comes along and messes all this up. That is when their world eventually falls to darkness and when Sora learns he is a keyblade wielder.

A keyblade is a weapon made to keep darkness astray and also has to ability to lock/unlock hearts. (This includes the hearts of people and the hearts of worlds) When a worlds heart is unlocked it is invaded by darkness and this is exactly what happens to The island Sora lives on (Destiny Island). During the struggle against the invading evil, Sora is later transported to an unknown world, lost and alone Sora finds that Riku and Kiari are missing and while on his search stumbles across Donald and Goofy and they all decide to team up for a common goal.

This game provides the player with a great story, along with some interesting lore and a enjoyable mix of Disney/Final Fantasy. The combat is Fun and exciting, the Keyblade makes for an interesting weapon, as its looks can be changes based upon what worlds you have visited. The Places you explore span from childhood favorites like "Aladdin" to more modern day classics like "A nightmare before Christmas". This game also allows you to add new abilities that let you expand upon attacks and even add new forms of movement. The games ending will have at a satisfied state, while still wanting the story to continue. (9/10)

Kingdom Hearts RE: Chain of memories.

This game follows Sora after the events of Kingdom Hearts, although this game is not as good as its predecessor it is still an enjoyable ride that pulls you through the ever expanding story.

As Sora, Donald and Goofy begin their journey to find Riku, they stumble across Castle Oblivion. What is Castle Oblivion? Well there is a whole other story that shows its origin (Birth By Sleep) but for now all you need to know is that as you explore this Castle, you will start loosing your memories. Unknowingly sora begins to travel through this castle in hopes of finding his lost friend, Riku. As Sora begins to revisit the old worlds from Kingdom hearts in memory form. (With certain aspects changed)

The two biggest gripes people have about this game, is the combat, and that you re-explore the worlds from Kingdom Hearts one. These are the two things that pull Chain of Memories down. Although these two things are certainly not a game breaker, they do make for a harsher experience. The crown gem of Chain Memories, is the story. You will find yourself cheering Sora along his adventure, and although it isn't the best adventure you will experience with Sora, it certainly Isn't one to be missed. 7.5/10

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days

I want to warn anyone who is buying this, that this IS NOT A GAME, this is the Complete cinematic of the original game that was on the 3DS. Now don't let that push you away, if you enjoy anything from the first two games on disk, then this story will take you on an emotional adventure. This story follows Roxas, a person who isn't even suppose to exists.

Its a harsh start for the main character, but it is one story that should not be missed, and a free chance to experience this is found on disk, and should not be overlooked. A perfectly woven story that intertwines with Sora, makes for an unforgettable adventure. Out of all the Kingdom Hearts games, this one had me most intact and sunken into the story, so it only makes sense that it would be the one to appear in movie form. (9/10 though not really a game, so more of a experience review)


Kingdom hearts is an amazing story driven game, and although the story can get a little complex at times, it still makes for one amazing adventure. From the great beginning of Kingdom hearts, to the awesome Story of 385/2 days this HD collection amazed me from start to finish. A return to my favorite childhood game, was more than enough for me, I encourage anyone with the slightest interest to go out and get this game

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