I really did not expect this game to be this good but it was.

User Rating: 8.4 | Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories GBA
Game play: The card based action was fun it added a little twist to the Kingdom Hearts universe. You had to actually plan ahead on what cards to put in your deck. It was easy to do and it was fun. After a while you don't even realize that you're using the card system it feels just like KH1

Graphics: The graphics were great for a GBA game. The cut scene in the beginning of the game was actually really good.

Sound: The sound was ok nothing really great here but it wasn't bad either.

This is a really fun game. Theres one big extra in it and its basically a whole game. So this is really 2 games in 1. The story line picks up right were Kingdom Hearts left off and it does a pretty good job of setting it up for another sequel.