I gave this game a 2.0 for the reason....PAYING $65 for the game to only find out you have to pay another $70 for courses. What a rip off. I was really enjoying the game until i earned my PGA card and saw right away i needed courses to play. What the hell did i pay $65 for?? How can EA get away with charging us $39 for 14 course, another $19 for historic courses and $9 for the twc courses???? Thats balls man. Its a shame because i woulda gave this game a 8.5 reason being is the commentry could be better and they need more players in the game. Why not have all the players in the game?? If your in the PGA then you should be in it like the NFL. If im paying that much money for a game, it better not come out every year, or my courses should follow to the updated version of the game when it comes out every single year and every aspect of that game shoud....be in the game, as in ALL players. Horrible to charge this much.