Dwarf Woodlands Terra Prize Pods

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I'm at the point just before the final few bosses and I'm doing all the side stuff; I only need one more thing and that is Gaspberry which guides say you get at the Woodlands, I've been to where the guides say but prize pods never turn up.  I had battled those particular ones before but they never seem to appear now, I have left the world to come back but all that appears in the place they shoud be at is the red hot chilis. 

Please help, thanks

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Have you deposited the ingredients that you already collected from the Prize Pods the first time? Sometimes they are extremely difficult to make reappear unless you drop off any ingredients that you have already collected from them. That means that if you hit some of the Prize Pods in the Underground Waterway, and got ANY ingredients from them, go drop them off in Disney Town, THEN go back. If you are farming the ingredients, and want to collect a lot all at the same time, use Stopga as soon as the Prize Pods appear, then use Magnera, or Magnega. If your Magic Haste Ability is less than 4, I suggest using 2 Stopgas and 3-4 Magnegas. Use Stopga just before, Magnega ends, then hit them with another Magnera/Magnega.