Kingdom Hearts HD Collection Leaked for E3

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It's for PS3,Vita and WiiU. It contains KH,KH2,KH Chsins of Memories,KH 358/2 Days and KH Birth By Sleep. It will be announced at E3. This is a must buy for any KH Fans. Sorry Crapbox you get nothing. KH 3 is goin be on PS3/PS4. Get pumped up Fans. 

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Dude. Thank you so much for this wonderful news. You have no idea what a huge huge HUGE!!!!!! Kingdomhearts fan I am. I have been playing since the 1st kingdomhearts game and have beaten them all so far and im mdaly in love with the series, and I always 100% clear it on all difficulty. Its so awesome that they are making an HD collection, which I hope will have trophy support for PS3. Again THANK YOU I CANT WAIT TO HEAR THE RELEASE DATE!!!!!! freaken tears of joy!
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oh and one more thing, where can I get more information regarding the HD collection so I can follow it?
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When will people stop posting rumors and only post "confirmed" info by the company itself. Stop getting peoples hopes up with rumors.

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I understand it's still a rumor and all until something about it is directly said later today at Sony's E3 conference, but I really hope this really does happen. There was some evidence of this happening when Nomura was interviewed and he hinted about the possibility of wanting to have KH on many different consoles.
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Sony didn't reveal it. Our last hope is on May 7th. It has to 1 of the 3 mystery games to be shown on June 7th. Believe me I'm pissed Sony didn't do at the Confrence. 

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Actually a lot of the rumors going aroundsay it'll be announced at Nintendo's conference tomorrow, sice it's also for Wii U and all. course, it is still a rumor.

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Yeah nice try but no dice. The game was not announced, and KH 3 hasn't even been mentioned my Sony in years unfortunately. And if it does, I hope it goes multi-platofrm as many people can enjoy it as possible.

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I hope you all learned your lesson.

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LOL @ the people that got excited by this post

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I cant wait! Im so glad i have a PS3 so i can play my favorite series in HD. This is my #1 game and always will be, even 3 years after Kingdom Hearts 3 is released. It is my childhood memory.
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Kingdom Hearts 1.5