Gilgamesh in KH 3?

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There are most likely plenty other forums with this exact topic but anyway.
Gilgamesh without a doubt would make for a brilliant special character in a future kh. Not so much as a storyline character but as a super boss, searching for Excalibur in whatever world he appears in. He could, similiar to Sephiroth, notice Sora's/ Riku's/ Kairi's keyblade and challenges them to a one on one dual (with different cutscenes for each character, maybe even mistaking Sora for Bartz). It would also be nice to see his running gag, with him attacking the player with Excalipoor at some point in the battle and making a fool of himself.
Also, upon defeating him, he drops/hands over genji equipment and/or an Excalibur keychain (hopefully one of the best in the game, like fenrir in KH2) before falling into the rift again.

I can see it now XD.

Your thoughts/own ideas?

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Who is this? Is he from FF?

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He is a recurring character in the FF series. In fact he has appeared in more ff games than any other character, even summons (which he appears as one in ff8). He first appeared in the original ff5 but appeared in remakes of earlier ff geames. He has appeared in at least ff1 (dawn of souls), ff4 (the after years or something) ff5, ff6, ff8, ff9, ff12 and ff13-2. But his appearence in Dissidia 012 is his first, and so far only playable appearence.

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love how many times i used the word 'appeared' in that post XD