Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Cheats For 3DS

  1. Secret boss fight.

    Once you beat the game, Choose to save cleared game data. Once that's done, open that game file and go to traverse town. Then go to the fountain plaza. Then you will have to fight the secret boss until you beat him, or until he kills you. At first he's hard to beat. The lowest level I would fight him on is level 50. But I beat him on level 49. Try fighting him on level 60,70 or 80. If you are at that level and want to fight him, make sure that you have a lot of balloon commands in your command deck. :-)

    Contributed by: zpAyer 

  2. Rank boost during Spirit creation

    Any spirits you create while in a world that is currently experiencing the Risky Winds weather will have their rank boosted by one. Risky Winds also greatly increases the chance of creating the mystery monster for recipes with more than one outcome.

    Contributed by: Gipig 

  3. Secret Message in Glossary

    When you bet the game and you've seen the credits, you'll go with Sora into drop mode and drop through the credits. After 2 or 3 rolls, certain letters will glow yellow/goldish, as you pick them up, a message will begin to spell on your touch screen. When you have all the letters, your touchscreen will say; "Secret Message Unlocked". This will give you an extra item for in your glossary.

    Code Effect
    Get all the glowing letters to spell "Secret Message Unlocked" and it will give you an extra item for in your glossary. Secret Message in Glossary

    Contributed by: RoyPinguin 

  4. Trophies

    Seven are needed to unlock the secret ending on Standard Mode. Five are needed on Proud.

    Code Effect
    Finish the story In the Clear
    Finish the story on Proud Mode Badge of Pride
    Rack up 2,000 Drop Points Stop Drop Roller
    Take first place in every Flick Rush cup King of Rush
    Take out 2,500 Dream Eaters Keyslinger
    Amass 5,000 munny In the Munny
    Max out every Spirit's Affinity Level Dream Pleaser
    Complete every Special Portal and Secret Portal Portal Champ
    Score more than 7,500,000 points in Dive Mode Daring Diver
    Defeat 1,000 enemies while in Flowmotion Motion Slickness
    Find every last treasure Treasure Seeker
    Obtain at least one of every Spirit Spirit Guide
    Finish the story on Critical Mode Critical Praise
    Defeat 50 enemies using Reality Shift Reality Shifter
    Link with your Spirits at least 50 times Pro Linker
    Max out every stat-boosting ability Stat Builder
    Save at least 20 photos while bonding with Spirits Memento Maniac
    Place at least 30 Link Portals Frequent Friend

    Contributed by: KMAnsem 

  5. Critical Mode

    Finish the game on any difficulty

    Contributed by: Karttakeppi 

  6. Secret Boss

    Beat the game. He's then found in the fountain area at Traverse Town.

    Contributed by: Xemmas60 

  7. Secret Ending in Theater Mode

    Once you beat the game, you'll unlock Theater Mode. To get the Secret Ending, you have to get a certain amount of trophies depending on your difficulty setting. Beginner 13 Standard 7 Proud 5 Critical 0 Next, you need to answer the three questions that were asked to Riku at the end correctly. The answers are: 1. Losing something that's important.(Option 3) 2. My friends.(Option 2) 3. To find something important.(Option 2) Afterward, you need to unlock the Secret Message during the credits by collecting the gold letters during Sora's credit Dive. It will spell out "Secret Message Unlocked." Once you save your end-game file and reload it, you should get a prompt saying you unlocked the Secret Ending in Theater Mode.

    Contributed by: Limen123 

  8. New Game+

    Once you've beaten the game on any difficulty, you'll be prompted that you can create a new game and carry over certain things from your past file. Things that are carried over include all Spirits you've made reset to Level 1, certain sections in the Reports including Story, Character Files, Trophies, and Glossary. The Mementos section is also fully included. Only recipes are carried over from your items.

    Code Effect
    Beat the game on any difficulty, create a New Game, and select Yes when asked to transfer data. New Game+

    Contributed by: Limen123 

  9. Unlocking Flick Rush Cups

    In the Fourth District, you can find the Flick Rush colosseum. By doing certain things, you will unlock certain cups to play.

    Code Effect
    Win the Training Cup Beginner's Cup
    Finish The Grid Digital Cup
    Finish Prankster's Paradise Rainbow Cup
    Finish your second visit to Traverse Town Yummy Cup
    Finish the Symphony of Sorcery Final Cup
    Win the Rainbow Cup Tin Pin Cup
    Win the Rainbow Cup Speed Cup
    Reach Flick Rush Rank 15 Horror Cup
    Reach Flick Rush Rank 17 Secret Cup

    Contributed by: KeyBlade999 

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