King of Fighters: Maximum Impact is cool!!

User Rating: 7.8 | King of Fighters: Maximum Impact PS2
I must say i am impressed with this game. I am all for the 2d versions of King of Fighters, they made a really good 3d game of the series.

Characters: What made me want to even touch this game was the new characters Alba and Soiree. I immediatly loved there designs and i could not wait to play them. When i did they were awesome. I was hoping for a good list of fighters, but i guess they wanted those to fit well in the story. I just wished that they had more exciting moves, more characters and a better looking boss . I guess they wanted to save that for their sequel.

Sound: The music was not bad. My favourite song of this game was the one for the Live House Stage. I loved that song so much.

I know people tend to complain on how the english and gameplay is off, but i like it enough to buy it. It's okay but i wish it had more to offer.