It's not a bad game but personally I did not find that it was one of the best shooters I have played.

In this game you play a person named Jack Carver which you don't really know at all like his personallity or his background. All you know is that he is a hired bodyguard/ Mercenary to protect this scientist. Then your ship is blown up by evil mercenerys on the Island and that female scientist is kiddnaped and you have to go after her.

GamePlay: The gameplay is your usual shooter where you get to pick up guns and shoot them. You can carry one assualt rifle, one pistal and one sniper rifle (though you can shoot two pistals and assualt rifles at the same time it's not to wise because you use more ammo then you need to) There are a number of assualt rifles you can use from the M16 to the M60 and you also get a shotgun to use in the game. There is one sniper rifle and several types of pistals to use and a rocket launcher. So in the game like i described before you go though the jungle looking around for a scientist and then you get injected with some stuff that gives you animal like powers. For most of the game I found that I was just running though the jungle almost pointlessly and shooting mosters and people alike. It was so boaring after a while... The first part was fine but it gets old later on in the game. You also get to a bunch of different vehicals to use like the ATV which you don't often need to use because you can just you your animal running powers and is kinda hard to control and you get to use several watercraft vehicals a few times and a glider a few times which is not bad. The Multiplayer part of the game is not as fun as the single player because the maps are not that fun to play in and are few maps to play in. Aswell there can be only two people playing on the offline multiplayer but i'm not to sure about the online multiplayer because I have not tried it yet.

Sound: The sound is great it's very clear and crisp. The sound of the Guns are good to the voice acting which I liked and everything in between.

Graphics: The Graphics are quite good, the effects like the explotions, scenery and enviroment is very well done but I found the blood effects when you shoot your enemies were not all that great, there was bearly any blood in it that you could see for an "M" rated game.

Value: Personally there is not much replay value to it because once you have gone though it once you might not want to play it though again. Though you could have fun with the Online and offline multiplayer part though there can only be two people playing and it aint that much fun.

All in all the game is not a a bad game though it is not the greatest shooter out there that I have played. Also it's way over hyped like Halo. I give this game 7 out of 10.