Is that all this game has to Offer?

User Rating: 5 | King Arthur: The Role-Playing Wargame PC
The armies and scenery are beautiful that part i can say well done.
However.... Not enough control over his or her destiny really puts a damper on a serious gamers fun time. As a paying customer I should be given the power to do what ever my heart wants we need to be let loose some were along that opening story line idea.and all i have to do is move my army from A to B as instructed in the script. BORING!! they might as well send a tech with the CD and me with the CD play it for me too. The Sklling up idea is great but thats the only interactive part of the game i injoyed was having that control to level my units my way. Every thying else is so nice and has a lot of effort in the art work and design it can be so much more then this. Please Please patch it!!
When i first started the game i thought the story line was trainign buffer/introduction quest to break the player into the game. What Happened?