Presentation, polish lacking in what could have been a memorable piece of the genre.

User Rating: 6 | King Arthur: The Role-Playing Wargame PC
At first glance, this game does seem impressive. I bought it because of so much talk of the great presentation. But starting with the non-widescreen cinematic introduction, to the arbitrary and messy fonts used in the menu system, the presentation I feel is it's most disappointing aspect. These are small details for some I know, but for those that value such things, it feels like they spent so much time on the meat of the game, but threw the menu and type design at the last minute and ruined what could have been the one piece to bring this game together to be able to call it one of the greats of the genre. If you're someone that values ambiance and atmosphere in a game, I think there are some things that you could take from this and be happy, but overall, this game could have used a bit more polish.

The gameplay is similar to what others say so I won't revisit it here, though I'd agree that if you like the Total War series, you can find something to enjoy about this.