A must play for total war fans and King Arthur fans.

User Rating: 7.5 | King Arthur: The Role-Playing Wargame PC
This game takes place in the legends of King Arthur, you start out right after Arthur picks the sword out of the stone and your foster father and foster brother Sir Kay swear their fealty to you. Not everyone is so accepting of their new king however, you fight rebels in your territory to unite the territories of England under your rule, some will choose to join you as a knight of the round table or ally with you while others will choose to fight against you.

Along the way you will be given quest that your knights of the round table can undertake that will affect their alignment towards Good/Evil and Pegan/Christian religion. The characters alignment and Arthur's alignment lets you recruit different types of units, cast different types of spells, and use different skills. The bad part is that your only given one opportunity to recruit mercenaries in the beginning of the game then you are not allowed to recruit any more units until you kill some really tough mobs in the lake quest where the lady of the lake is located to imbue Excalibur with some magical energy. If you cant defeat them you cant progress any further in the game until you find a way to beat that quest without being able to recruit units or replenish your dwindling army. Archers are also slightly unbalanced in the game but theres an option to weaken archers in the game settings.

Most of the story is narrated by great voice actors and fantastic music that really add to the environment of the game. The gameplay is very similar to the Total War series where you have a hero leading an army on the campaign map but it takes place only in England. It takes much longer then it does to conquer England then it does in total war however because there is far more content per each territory. Your knights can complete quest to gain artifacts, recruit knights to your round table, affect their alignment towards good/evil, pegan/christian, and to find wives which increase their loyalty. Each of your knights can govern up to 3 settlements and their personality traits will give you different positive/negative effects for the provinces that they govern. Assigning them territory's will also increase their loyalty towards you.

Overall I would recommend this game for any total war fans or anyone who loves a good recreation of the King Arthur legends.