A bit rough on the edges, but a very deep and enthralling experience set on the Arthurian Universe, mixing RTS and RPG

User Rating: 8.5 | King Arthur: The Role-Playing Wargame PC
I will start this review by saying that my favorite game series is 'Total War', and I have played all of them, so I'm deeply familiar with the genre and its mechanics.

Well, "King Arthur - The Roleplaying Wargame" has some similarities with the 'Total War' series, but in terms of strategy, it is not as deep or as complex. Some of the basic mechanics are present, like Stamina (Fatigue), Terrain advantages/disadvantages and Morale, among a few others.

But "King Arthur" stands out as being completely unique, for a whole lot of reasons: it mixes the 'Total War' formula with 'Heroes of Might and Magic'. Yes, that is right - on the same game, you'll have both an epic management of battles, aswell as the deep experience and customization of the RPG genre.

'Roleplaying Wargame' can be acclaimed as a new genre, and NeoCore Games proves that you don't need tremendous budgets to make good games.

As I've said before, the game is set on Arthurian Britannia, and you take the role of King Arthur. You control your armies through the Knights of the Round Table, and you use them both to conquer new territories or complete quests. There are powerful artifacts for your Knights to equip, which grant them attribute bonuses, or even new abilities. These Knights also gain new levels, through the accumulation of experience points.

There are still some bugs in the game, and some people have reported crashing issues, while others have had no problems at all. The graphics are good enough to give you the fantasy atmosphere feeling, and the game's physics are quite good aswell. The combat animations and sounds are a bit rough, but nothing detrimental to the overall experience. The soundtrack is very, very good, fitting perfectly in the Dark Ages feeling of the game.

If you are a fan of either RPG's, RTS or both, I highly recommend this game, with high replay value, and which will grab you for hours!