It can be a fun game, but somewhat ruined by bugs and unbalanced gameplay.

User Rating: 5 | King Arthur: The Role-Playing Wargame PC
Sometimes I disagree with critic reviews but in this case the gamespot review is pretty dead on. Overall, at first this game is very fun. It has a lot of similarities to total war, but gives a bit more reason and story line which adds to the fun. The music is great and the visuals are pretty good, though there could have been a bit more effort put into some of the quests. The biggest problems don't really occur till later on in the game. The difficulty becomes insane even on the easiest level. What's worse, is it seems the later areas are plagued by bugs and crashes. It is extremely frustrating to win a very difficult fight against an enemy 4x your level only for it to crash to desktop as soon as you return to the map. It almost feels like the devs purposely made the end too hard so that people wouldn't get to the untested, unfinished sections. While I would say the game is worth it, I would definitely advise you to wait awhile till they put out a 4th or 5th patch and fix the game up.