Total War with choices and no cheap computer rushing

User Rating: 8.5 | King Arthur: The Role-Playing Wargame PC
I had been contemplating on whether to get this game. I love the total War series and I love rpgs. I've been let down before by some thing similar to this....(Spell Force anyone?). Seems like such a great idea, yet people who try to combine strategy and role playing usually just don't get it right.

King Arthur gets it right. It plays very similar to Total War but, with magic, monsters and heroes thrown in. The role playing quests added are varied and play a very important part to advancing the game. You can take over kingdoms by doing quests. Quest are also the main way you get your knights.

You can have a maximum of 12 knights leading your armies. You select a unit for them to command and you will see them leading that army unit in battle. You will need at least one knight to lead one stack of army units.

One thing about the game is that it's very hard. Similar to Total War the AI is not very good. Total war compensates for bad AI by sending 10 armies for every one you have. King Arthur on the other hand sends armies that heavily out match yours in stats. Army units are very important in King Arthur. You must be careful not to lose them other wise all the levels you gained with them will be gone. Some troops are special and are very hard to come by. You must take care not to lose them. You can replenish their numbers after a fight with out losing any exp or levels. Save often...

Graphics are not as good as Total War but, they are still nice. Arrow units are very overpowered and may need a patch to bring them more in line with the other units.

All in all I'm glad I bought the game. It's giving me as much fun as I got out of playing the earlier Total War games. The Total War series has gotten a bit stale for me after Rome. Thank heavens for King Arthur. I finally got a good strategy war game to play again.