Enjoyable! Nice mix of rpg/strategy

User Rating: 8 | King Arthur II: The Role-Playing Wargame PC
I personally found King Arthur II to be a pretty good mix of rpg/strategy. The graphics were really good. Very detailed, and a nice interface. The Real-Time battles was really interesting, and well detailed. Many options and choices for Army's. Turn-Style main map. Has a decent story line to go with it. Story has choices that can be made which effects how battles, alliances, etc. turn out as game progresses. There are many options to choose on Army's build, skills, levels, etc. Also able to attack from the air which is nice. Most of the content was narrated, so there isn't much reading, But your able to read as well if need be. Basically the game used a little aspect of all areas of the rpg & strategy games build. Its definitely worth playing. Especially if you like both genre's of style. Hard to judge just by the Demo cause its short, and lack of available options.