A deep, engrossing and complex mix of role playing and strategy.

User Rating: 10 | King Arthur: Fallen Champions PC
Its easy to see why this game is scoring poorly by readers. I, as many others, expected to see the same map, but with the ability to continue to the north. But this is not a continuation of the original King Arthur. This is a completely new version with different game play. That being said, like the first version, this is one of the best gaming experiences I've had. The deep, decision based story line is there. The graphics are there. The strategy, the wonder, and the intense battles are there.

If you simply want an addition to the original, this might be a disappointment. If you want the thrill of a completely new gaming experience that draws you in and keeps you wondering what will happen next, this is your game.

I'll admit, I was excited about exploring the north of the original map, but I've played the first game enough that I would have gotten bored. This is gearing up to be a long lasting gaming experience, just like the first one.