Kinectimals: Now with Bears! Cheats For Xbox 360

  1. Achievements

    Code Effect
    Climb to the top of a tree for the first time. Don't Look Down
    Catch one of each fish. Master Angler
    Complete the juggling contest in Suva Cave without dropping a ball. Don't Drop Me Now
    Achieve at least a bronze medallion for every contest on Mira in your own game. Bear Necessities
    Discover every part of the map on both Lemuria and Mira in your own game. Catographer
    Discover Fort Topaz in your own game. Argh Me Hearty
    Discover Kokopo Cave in your own game. Spelunker
    Achieve gold in all Mira contests in your own game. Gold Miner
    Unlocked the Teddy Bear in your own game. I'm a Real Bear Too!
    Completed the volcano contest and met a new friend in your own game. The Shining Cat

    Contributed by: Guard Master