Kinect Sports: Season Two Cheats For Xbox 360

  1. Achievements

    Code Effect
    View a golf hole using the 'hole preview' gesture when playing golf Birds Eye View
    Hit the ball in the hole from the tee off for a hole in one when playing golf Tee and in
    Make the ball roll around the rim of the hole and in when playing golf Spin And In
    Hit the ball into the hole straight out of a sand bunker when playing golf Bunker Beater
    Putt the ball in from over 40 yards on Lighthouse Bay when playing golf Putting Perfection
    Score more than 50 points in Ocean Driver Pitching for Points
    Play the full nine holes of Maple Lake and finish under par Below Par Star!
    Score a point using the 'power' shot technique when playing tennis Return Master
    Hit your 1st 'Ace' serve when playing tennis Ace-Tastic
    Score a return point from an incoming perfect serve when playing tennis Not so Ace!
    Win your first "objection" scenario when playing tennis You cannot be serious
    Hit a line judge with the tennis ball when playing tennis You're the judge, I'm the jury
    Score more than 90 points in Smash Alley Smashing Service
    Win five points on smash shots when playing tennis (cumulative) Smash Shot Star!
    Score 170 (triple-20, triple-20, bull's eye) to end a game of darts Maximum Checkout
    Complete a game of darts with a nine-dart checkout. Nine Darter
    Hit the bull's eye three times in one turn (three darts) when playing darts Bull's Eye Bonanza
    Score 180 (3 triple-20s) in one turn when playing darts Ton 80
    Hit a single, double and triple of the same number when playing darts Shanghai
    Score more than 25 points in Pop Darts Balloon Buster
    Hit ten 180s when playing darts (cumulative) 180 Star!
    Hit a home run with the bases loaded when playing baseball Grand Slam
    Use all pitching techniques and speeds when playing baseball Ace Pitcher
    Score 5 home runs in a single game when playing baseball Home Runs for Fun
    Catch a bobbled ball when playing baseball Bobble and Out
    Match the catcher's signal when pitching a ball when playing baseball Read the Signs
    Score more than 2500 points in Home Run Hero Out of the Park
    Hit the ball 5000 feet when playing baseball (cumulative score) Slugger Star!
    Score a touchdown on a kick return when playing Football All... The... Way
    Score a touchdown with a 60+ yard passing play when playing football Long Bomb
    Win a game of Football on a field goal Game Winning Field Goal
    Complete a pass after calling an audible when playing Football Calling the Shot
    Score a field goal with at least 40 yards to go when playing Football Far Out Field Goal
    Score a touchdown on your 1st down when playing football One and Done
    Run 1000 yards when playing Football (cumulative score ) Running Star!
    Race a perfect race (don't miss any gates) on both ski runs when playing Skiing Perfect Race
    Perform a perfect start out of the starting gate when playing Skiing Go! Go! Go!
    Perform a perfect jump on any ski run when playing Skiing Big Air
    Go fast by holding the tuck position for at least 10 seconds when playing Skiing Maximum Velocity
    Race a perfect race on all three hills at Sunny Peaks Peak Perfection
    Score more than 50 points in Downhill Dodge What Obstacles?
    Complete six perfect races when playing skiing (cumulative score) Perfect Race Star!
    Have your first motivational song play when playing Kinect Sports: Season Two Rickrolled
    Avateer to work the crowd up into a frenzy in any sport Crowd Control
    Play any sport on Kinect Sports: Season Two for the first time Let the games commence
    Win any sport on Kinect Sports: Season Two for the first time Victory!
    Play Kinect Sports: Season Two for more than 2 hours (cumulative time) Kinect Sports-a-thon
    Beat your first challenge in Kinect Sports: Season Two Challenge Squashed
    Send out your first challenge in Kinect Sports: Season Two Challenge Challenger
    Earn your 1st group of Fans by playing Kinect Sports: Season Two You did it for the Fans!
  2. Achievements: Maple Lakes Golf Pack DLC

    Code Effect
    Hit an albatross on Trident Harbour – A wide tee off could help here? (All difficulties) Trident Tested
    Hit a Hole-in-One on Crater Springs - The lay of the land may be helpful. (All difficulties) Crater Expectations
    Hit a Hole-in-One on Whistling Bluff. A good tee-off will beat the rock (Pro & Champion difficulty) Bluffin' Brilliant
    Hit a condor on Hopscotch Coast - Having wind on your side will help you with this (Pro difficulty) Roller Coaster
    Play the full 18 holes of Golf on Kinect Sports: Season Two in one session. Out for the day
  3. Achievements: Basketball Challenge Pack DLC

    Code Effect
    Complete 15 passes in a row when playing Alley-Oop Dreams. Pass Master
    Pass to the green Dino 5 times in one game of Alley-Oop Dreams. Dunky King
    Score 50 points when playing Alley-Oop Dreams. Funky Dunkin'
    Get a score multiplier x10 when playing Shot Party. Disco Diva
    Score 75 points when playing Shot Party. Party Animal
    Clear two sets of music discs in 25 seconds when playing Shot Party. Disc-Throw Fever
    Score 200 baskets when playing the new Basketball Challenge Pack. Super Hooper
    Score 15 consecutive baskets when playing 3-Point Hero. Super Streak
    Score over 55 points when playing 3-Point Hero. Double Nickel
    Score with four bonus balls within one single game of 3-Point Hero. 3-Point Perfection
  4. Avatar Awards

    Code Effect
    Show your love for all things football with this award for reaching fan level 2. I’m so jealous! Kinect Sports Football Hat
    Stay on target throughout your career with this awesome award for reaching level 5. Woohoo! Kinect Sports Darts Top Hat
    Impress everyone at the clubhouse with this award for reaching the dizzy heights of fan level 10. Kinect Sports Golf Green Cap