Killzone: Liberation Cheats For PSP

  1. Unlockable Abilities

    You can access the ability selection screen by pressing square on the weapon selection screen. Abilities are unlockable bonuses that let you do certain things, like carrying 3 grenades or having 50% more health. You can unlock these abilities by aquiring a certain amount of points. Poins can be collected by completing challenges.

    Code Effect
    020 Points Carry 3 Grenades
    060 Points Carry 3 Syringes
    100 Points C4 Placement twice as fast
    140 Points Carry 3 Smoke grenades
    180 Points Trip Mines disarmed twice as fast
    220 Points Carry 4 Pressure Mines
    260 Points Close Combat damage doubled
    300 Points 50% More health
    340 Points Your Buddy has 50% more health
    480 Points Carry Unlimited ammunition
    600 Points (CHAPTER 5 REQUIRED) Five ability slots
    510 Points (CHAPTER 5 REQUIRED) Buddy has 100% More Health
    540 Points (CHAPTER 5 REQUIRED) Close Combat Damage Tripled

    Contributed by: Grotesque_death 

  2. Unlocked Characters

    Code Effect
    Beat Hard mode Cobar
    Beat Easy, Normal, and Hard modes Metrac
    Win 100 times in MP(ad-hoc or infrastructure) Stratson
    Win 10 games in Ad-Hoc or Infrastructure Multiplayer. Specialist
    Beat the game in 2-player co-op on any difficulty. Commando
    Beat Chapter 5 on any difficulty, then get Golds on all the CHapter 5 Challenge Games. Luger
    Beat the whole game, including Chapter 5, on Co-Op on any difficulty. Hakha
    Get Gold Medals in all challenges. Grenadier

    Contributed by: dgknight500 

  3. Unlockable Extras

    In order to unlock some of the extra content, you must do the follwing.

    Code Effect
    Finish Single Player Campaign 1-1 on Easy Indepth character profiles #1
    Finish Single Player Campaign 1-4 on Easy Wallpaper pack #1
    Finish Single Player Campaign 2-4 on Normal Jukebox
    Finish Single Player Campaign 3-4 on Normal Concept art pack #1
    Finish Single Player Campaign 4-4 on Easy Indepth character profiles #4
    Finish Single Player Campaign 4-4 on Normal Multiplayer Character : Evelyn
    Finish Single Player Campaign 4-4 on Hard Multiplayer Character : Cobar
    Beat chapter 5 on Normal Difficulty. Propaganda Pack
    Beat Chapter 5 on any difficulty. Mystery Pack

    Contributed by: I34TU 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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FAQ/Walkthrough FAQ/Walkthrough by snkupo 115K