Masterpiece of Game no Doubt.

User Rating: 10 | Killzone 3 PS3
i have to say this is a masterpiece of game , honestly i never hope PSN doing games like this i mean im really surprise of this FPS experience, classes,weapons,ranks r very scheme then im feeling good with the spendmoney that`s why i get the DLC Pack too r extend maps and very detailed, the Online Modes idk i feel like something are missing because in " Operations " r just 3 Maps to choice will be good have alot of maps on every multiplayer modes all to get more fun , operations are really exiting when your character appears on the start/end of the game making his role that`s really innovating and i really hope PSN set more Maps on the "Operations " Multiplayer mode , i like to talk about the misc there is alot of misc left like Airstrikes and another things that will make the Game more chaotic , to end this review i have to say that im really confort with this FPS and Exclusive !