Killzone 3 put me through a near full array of emotions. But a moment in the game I felt I needed to duck for my life.

User Rating: 8.5 | Killzone 3 PS3
Very few games now days give you such satisfaction after you have played. I was nearly set to think this game was a worthy contender for a very high honour, a 9.5 or a 10 score from me. But not long after I was feeling that high I was sort of let down by the ending in some regards.

Story. We pick up exactly where we left off from Killzone 2. Scholar Visari has been killed, by Rico and he is coping some flak from the captain for it. Though it doesn't start exactly like that. The story leads you through the remaining ISA forces on the planet. The story is a usual shooter type far but I feel it is a little tighter. Since there is less scale in terms of the ISA forces you feel more important to the campaign and the interactions between yourself, your companion at times Rico and the Captain are a pleasure. The constant follow orders line coming from the Captain builds that level of frustration in you and certainly allows more connection with the characters.

The voice acting is top notch. The actors reprise their roles from the Killzone 2 and the best part is Rico has curbed his swearing trait which is a good thing.

Graphics are beautiful to behold. Some of the best backdrops and set pieces in a game that I have played. It also shows that when you have a bad war, things don't need to be grey all the time (Gears of War should take note), Though some of the terrain seems very foreign in the context of the game, very little has been recycled from Killzone 2, which could have been so easy to do. Walking in the snow and mud leaves foot prints this might not seem like much but it just adds one small thing to the entire piece.

The animations are smooth and the weapons have a sense of real weight about them. The frame rate is consistent throughout, with no dips at all even when there is a massive MAWLR on screen and hell is literally unleashed it maintains a nice smooth experience.

Game play is a standard FPS affair, and if you are familiar with the controls you would have no problems picking it up. There is action moment, cut scene, and the cut scenes do happen frequently, which shows they are trying to focus on the story. Often when you are getting into the swing of things they will go to a cut scene. Can be jarring but towards the end, when things are getting hectic you are praying for one as they are essentially check points as well. The weapon array is varied and good. The guns used go from the standard assault rifles, LMG and HMG. A wonderful Mini-Gun you wished you could keep longer, WASPs which are very useful especially against heavier opponents. But I found I was only using a steady set of the same weapons. In Killzone 2, I was often finding myself running out of ammo and needing to find other weapons to use. But Ammo points which replenish all weapons ammo and will replenish them forever made this a little moot as I could keep my standard rifle. Another small bug bear was losing weapons, I get the jetpack in a scene I got to a cut scene where I am not wearing it and I lose it the next game scene. I wish I could keep the weapons I had.

Sound, this is wear the game steps up another gear. When the MAWLR is on screen I felt I was ducking for cover, with the environment being lit up by gun fire and then with the sounds the environment was hectic. Explosions going off around me I did feel I was ducking my head a little to avoid being hit. The guns have a great impact when fired and are all varied, no copy and paste for weapon sounds. There was some minor sound syncing issues in some cut scenes but this was only a couple of times and would go the minute the action resumed.

AI is good, very good. They seem to be accurate most of the time. The first time you encounter snipers you can stand in the open and line them up as they seem to have a trial and error approach as as RPG soldiers. But don't do this later in the game or you will be dead very quickly. The find cover quickly and shoot from, cover very well. When the bullets are firing it is rare to see them popping their head up for a look rather firing blindly from the cover they are behind. Though they do often clump together but if you try and toss a grenade into them group they will scatter and quickly. I found it rare to kill many with a grenade. When being shot, any break and they will fire back if you haven't killed them quickly all in all it is a great AI system that on the harder settings will kill you very effectively.

I would recommend Killzone 3 to anyone fan of the FPS genre. I find myself enjoying less realistic shooters like Killzone 3. Realistic in that they are set in fantastic settings and have fantastic weapons. Yes you are still shooting humans but it doesn't feel the same as your Battlefields or Modern Warfare games. But if you haven't played Killzone 3 and like shooters then take the time to check it out. Now it will be a lot cheaper and the value for money better.