The game has a terrible story! Still a "Decent FPS"

User Rating: 6.5 | Killzone 3 PS3
Despite never completeing the second game or any other for that matter I found the the games rather boring. for the actual playability factor I found the game fun for the few hours it took to complete. Shooting heads off looks gross "as it should". Graphics are very nice but could be better for a system that is well in its prime. I find the most unfortunate issue with the game besides the story was the frame rate issues, it runs at what feels to be 30fps so the thumb sticks feel like they are not in sync with the game, I also experienced some drops throughout the game, mostly when saving "so that's OK". I also don't like how the game just seems to end with a cliffhanger and no real follow up... Disappointed but satisfied due to the fact the game was purchased used. On a last note I am still going to go back and play the second game in hopes I get a better story and maybe a better understanding of the game and the series.