Short but fun campaign. Fantastic multiplayer.

User Rating: 8.5 | Killzone 3 PS3
If your looking for a great first person shooter on PS3 then you should give Killzone 3 a try. It has a short but very fun campaign and a fantastic multiplayer mode that will keep you busy for many hours.

Single Player:

The single player is short but fun and you can play it with a friend localy but not online sadly. All the weapons feel great and are a blast to shoot, they also brought back the three weapon limit that was in the first Killzone witch is nice. The levels have more variety this time around both visualy and gameplay wise, it has a nice mix of on foot sections and vehicle sections both of witch are very fun. Two issues i had with the campaign is that the cutscenes are a little frequent witch bogs down the game a bit and the length of the single player is only 6 hours long.


This is were Killzone 3 shines its multiplayer. This isn't your hectic run and gun style multiplayer you actually have to use teamwork to succeed. The maps are varied and well designed. You can choose from 5 different classes like the infiltrator, tactician field medic, engineer and the marksman all of witch are balanced and fun to play as. Leveling up is also very satisfying because each time you level up you get unlock points witch you can use to unlock other cool weapons such as a grenade launcher pistol or perks for the other classes. Certain maps also have jet packs and mechs and both of them are a blast to use. Overall the multiplayer is highly addictive and will keep you coming back for more.


Botzone is basically the multiplayer just with bots. Its good for learning the maps and trying out the guns and abilites for each class since everthing is unlocked for all the classes. There is one issue I have with botzone and that is the lack of a two player botzone. The original Killzone had it but not Killzone 2 or 3. Both of them lack this feature witch is a little dissapointing.

In conclusion Killzone 3 is a great first person shooter with a fun campaign and a highly addictive multiplayer that will keep you busy for many hours.

-Campaign is fun and has nice variety
-Guns have a nice feel to them and are a blast to shoot
-Fantastic visuals and sound effects
-Well designed multiplayer maps
-Highly addictive multiplayer
-You can play the campaign with a friend in splitscreen

-Single player is short
-Co-op is local only
-No two player botzone