Does anyone still play this game online?

#1 Posted by Niner0 (1601 posts) -

I've wanted to play this game for a good while, but just last week bought myself a PS3. So I'm wondering if there are still people playing it, and if so, how long does it usually take to get into a game? Thanks

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Sadly,  it's become a ghost town online.   I tried getting an online match a few days ago during midday Eastern to some,  but only found one other player.  If you get online at the right time you'll stilaffine a few matches,  but the community is fairly dead overall.   Killzone 2, however still has a decent size community.   There are always a few full 32 player servers up.

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just recently bought the killzone trilogy. im gonna get back into the online and always looking for people to game with. so friend request me if you like. that goes for anybody, feel free to add me.

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I have no problems finding full games regardless the time of day. EST time.

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I have had no problems finding games lately. It dies down a little bit late at night but even then it is still active enough to find games. 

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i got the recently, there are people still playing this