Killer 7 is able to give you one of the most unique, abstract experiences you will have in this generation of consoles.

User Rating: 8.7 | Killer7 GC
It's rather difficult to review a game that is as unique as Killer 7, yet Capcom has been able to give you one of the most refreshing, abstract experiences you will have in this generation of consoles.

Killer 7 can be vaguely described as a third-person rail shooting adventure. However the depth of that very small explanation goes beyond comprehension. Straight up, Killer 7 will be a game you have to play through several times to pick up on the story, and leave you still guessing.

The presentation of Killer 7 is almost as striking as it's storyline. It uses the rather unpopular design of cel-shaded graphics, yet this has clearly been the best use of it. In stead of attempting to recreate popularized cartoon characters and styles, Killer 7 gives it's settings and characters a style of it's own; and it is very pleasing to look at. While some of the in game VO can be repetitive, the cutscenes and music compliments this game very well.

The controls in this game are rather simplified compared to other current-gen games. However, I found that doing so gives you a better chance to truly appreciate the artistic style as your explore your environment. The shooting action is responsive and intense at times, and the puzzles are mainly boiled down to finding a special key to open your new path.

In all, Killer 7 is for someone with an artistic and open mind, who strives for something different in their gaming time. It's innovative visual design, and unique political storyline will give you your money's worth.